Food Industry 

Naturally a highly efficient level of air filtration is required at such sites. Food preparation areas require a minimum F7 efficiency level in their supply systems through to HEPA standards in packaging and high risk areas, pre-filtered by pleated panels.  There is also often a problem with the release of odours via the extract system, in which case a range of activated carbon filtration can be employed.  Cartridge filters are also often seen on such sites.  We have years of experience in such areas and can help plan or upgrade systems. Through our duct cleaning division we are able to deep clean canopies, ductwork and fan systems which can easily become a fire risk with build-ups of grease and other contaminants.


A large range of filtration is often found in restaurants, from bags and panels through to carbon filters for the removal of odours, and sometimes even electrostatic filters. We can also supply the full range of cooker hood filters in either knitmesh or baffle format.  Our other strength in this sector is the cleaning of ductwork to help prevent the fire risk caused by the build-up of grease in the extract system.

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