Hotel & Leisure

An area of commerce where clean downstream areas are of paramount importance so a good level of filtration is required.  We would expect to see mid to high grade bag filters or rigid bags, pre-filtered by pleated panels.  Damp and humid areas such as swimming pools often require extra care with the panel filters, as basic card framed ones can be prone to collapse in such conditions – again our experience can help the customer out in such cases.


A reasonable level of filtration is required here to ensure clean downstream areas so we would normally expect to see bag and panel filters as a minimum, possibly through to carbon systems for use in high care archive areas.

Theatres & Cinemas 

Again a reasonable level of filtration ensures the protection of downstream decorated areas on view to the public – bags and panels would normally be the minimum requirement here.

Shopping Centres

A good general standard of filtration is desirable on such sites, normally comprising mid-range bag filters pre-filtered by pleated panels or media pads. Slimline filters can also often be found in over-door heaters.

Retail Chains

We provide an excellent service to a number of chains, ensuring that filters and belts are delivered promptly for planned maintenance and also supplying emergency requirements with the minimum of delay.

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