Clean Rooms

These areas call for an extremely high level of filtration, so HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters can usually be found, pre-filtered by bags and panels to ensure the maximum possible life span of the expensive HEPAs.  The latter can come in a variety of guises so as much information as possible needs to be provided to your supplier so that the right product can be sourced.

Heavy Industry 

Large sites are often the norm in this area, and the range of filtration can range from fairly basic to higher efficiencies.  Again our experience means that we help you with installations and upgrades as well as supplying you with your filter needs.  More specialised requirements for industries such as aerospace, process control and petro-chemical can also be met – our technical team likes a challenge!


As with clean rooms it is absolutely essential that the highest possible level of filtration is maintained, so again HEPA filters would be expected, pre-filtered by bags and panels.  There may also be safe-change units involved to ensure effective containment of contaminants, and here we can supply the specialist accessories required.


We can work hand in hand with equipment manufacturers to ensure the correct level and type of filtration for their units, and can deliver to sites nationwide should this be required.

Light Industry

A range of filtration could be in use in such areas, depending on the processes involved.  We would expect most items to be readily available, but we can also stockhold more unusual ranges against call-off orders.  Cartridge filters are also often found in this sector.  Pharmaceutical companies can often have more specialised requirements, dealt with by our technical team.

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