Anne Godfrey
Anne Godfrey

Job title

Group HR Director



Start date


What secret skill do you have?

Decorating, DIY, Gardening, Spending money (is that secret?!)

What’s your all-time favourite movie?

Home Alone

Do you have a phobia?

Being stuck in traffic and getting lost

What would be your superpower of choice?

Flying - I could avoid the traffic!

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Helen Mirren - please!

If you were going to the gallows what would your last meal of choice be?

Nothing - I think I'd be sick! (on second thoughts maybe a gallon of wine..)

Favourite Flavour of Crisps

Ready salted - always! Hate flavoured crisps…

What number would get you on your feet at the office party?

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (I can do all the actions as well!)

What was your favourite subject at school?

French and group singing, but favourite time was home-time!

What's the best thing about working at Midland?

Great bunch of people

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